Specialty Grains

Discover our programs for Non-GMO and Organic crop production.

Premium Prices for Premium Grains

Cargill's Specialty Grain program offers a way to connect growers to customers interested in paying a premium for non-commodity crops. Cargill has programs for soybean growers, offering premium prices for producers that meet specific grain needs.

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Non-GMO Crops

The way we think about food has changed over the years, and many customers are choosing to pay a premium for non-GMO products. We have programs to reward farmers who follow specific guidelines to grow these in-demand crops.

There are many benefits of growing non-GMO crops including:

  • Growing non-GMO soybeans as part of your crop mix is a good way to ensure profitability, especially when commodity pricing is volatile.
  • Growing non-GMO soybeans is a good way to maintain diversity in your crop mix
  • By growing non-GMO soybeans, you are helping our end users buy American.


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Non-GMO Bean Program

Get premium prices for your non-GMO soybeans.

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Calculate your potential

Running the numbers shows a non-GMO premium helps stabilize income in times of volatility.

Organic Crops

The growth in demand for organic crops continues, and Cargill offers a supply chain that supports organic production. We have programs that reward farmers who follow specific guidelines, and provide more choices for your business when making planting and marketing decisions.


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Organic Bean Program

Get premium prices for your organic soybeans.

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Organic Corn Program

Get premium prices for your organic corn.