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Maximize your production while ensuring the future of your farmland. At Cargill, we love partnering with farmers like you to feed the world. We’re committed to working with you to ensure the long-term success of your farm, preserving natural resources for future generations, and minimizing environmental impact. Let’s grow sustainably, together.

Explore our Regenerative Agriculture programs:

If you're planning to implement reduced tillage, no tillage, or cover crops, Cargill RegenConnect can help you unlock your soil's potential. This program connects you to new emerging markets, rewards you for your carbon sequestration, and helps you prepare for the future of farming. Eligible crops: soybeans, corn, wheat, cotton.

If you already practice reduced tillage, no tillage, or cover crops on your cotton, you can get rewarded for those good soil health practices. Earn a premium for each pound of regeneratively-grown cotton you produce.

Unlock your soil's potential

Profitability and positive environmental impacts can go hand in hand. When implementing regenerative practices such as cover crops and reduced tillage in your corn, soybeans, wheat, or cotton, you can increase crop productivity and land resilience, enhance soil organic matter, reduce erosion, and improve water quality and availability.

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This program worked for our farm well because there was a payment that helped cover the cost of the cover crop and learning how to do it. ╺ Steven Flaig, Bobridge Farms, IN

Strengthen your soil, your crop, and your bottom line

Do you already practice soil health with the use of cover crops and reduced tillage? Get rewarded for your good soil health practices and strengthen not just your soil, but your bottom line as well.


Get top soil health tips

Our Cargill agronomists have spent time sharing their top resources on implementing soil health practices on farm including cover crop tips, tillage practices that have proven successful, and important considerations when switching to regenerative agriculture.


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