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1710 16th St Southeast

Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52401

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Hours subject to change. Please call ahead. If you have service requirements outside of regular hours, check with your location.


Facility Update

Eddy/Cedar Office Hours: Friday is a shortened trading day with the CBOT only open from 8:30am to 12:05pm. Our office will close at 1PM on Friday. For the most up to date grain bids and hours visit or call 1-800-515-1105 and the after-hours bid line 1-800-223-5540. Market Commentary By: Matt Coley December corn closed 0.75¢ lower at $4.2575 and January beans closed 0.25¢ lower at $11.9125. Those are strong closes considering corn was down a dime and soybeans were down 17 cents at one point during the day as a round of profit taking and hedge pressure from pricing basis contracts vs December corn futures ensued. While our rainfall totals continue to build locally, the South American forecast remains on the dry side. Any production hiccups around the world will be felt more so this year than any of the previous 5 as market gyrations in this shrinking carryout environment are typically much larger than in years of tremendous production. We’re also entering a time of lighter trade volume around the holiday, and that can generate the appearance of higher volatility when it’s just a very thinly traded market. You can expect a little of that through Friday. Marketing Minute: Couple of things to consider late in harvest. First let us know if you would like to maintain ownership, we have a couple of tools that can help you do that. Minimum price and focal point contracts can help with that. Also remember to get offers in if you think we are going back to the highs we had earlier. We can put them in our system and watch them for you automatically. Buyer will not accept delivery of genetically enhanced commodities that have not been approved for use in all the following markets: United States, European Union, Japan, and China. ** This communication has been prepared by Cargill, Incorporated.  The information in this communication does not constitute “investment service,” “investment advice,” or “financial product advice” as defined by laws and/or regulations in any jurisdiction, and the contents of this communication should not be construed as investment, legal or tax advice.  Each person should seek independent investment, legal and tax advice concerning the consequence of entering any transaction.