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The future of farming starts today.

Together, we can meet the needs of a changing world.

At Cargill, we love partnering with farmers like you to feed the world. And we know you’re invested in the long-term success of your farm. So, we’re committed to working with you to help improve the future of farming, preserve our natural resources from one generation to the next, and promote the long-term success and prosperity of your farm. 

Join our Soil Health Program.

Healthy soil is good for the earth and great for your farm. We created the Soil Health Program as a partnership to help improve your farm's resiliency and stabilize production. Join now to help improve your soil composition and yield while adapting to the changing wants and needs of consumers.

Join your fellow farmers at a Field Day.

Field Days are an opportunity to get together with other farmers, learn from each other, and explore topics that span the agricultural spectrum — including improving yields, land stewardship, lowering input costs, and more. See the Field Day schedule in your area:

Specialty Grain Programs

The way we think about food has changed over the years, and many customers are choosing to pay a premium for non-GMO and organic products. We have programs to reward farmers who follow specific guidelines to grow these in-demand crops.

"It's a sustainable, long-term investment that I'm making, so that when I leave this place, it's better than when I found it."

- Mark Heckman, Heckman Farms